India and Azerbaijan ink Treaty on Legal and Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Matters

image India and Azerbaijan inked a treaty on Legal and Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Matters. Delegation-level discussions were also held between India and Azerbaijan.

Objective of Treaty:

  • To benefit the citizens of the both countries looking for Legal aid in Civil and Commercial Matters in the called for country regardless of any gender, class, income bias, etc.
  • The treaty will unlock the boulevards of collaboration between both the states in other areas also.

The treaty is a calls for a reciprocal arrangement with foreign nations for service of summons, for issuing Letters of Request, for taking of evidence, for execution of civil decrees and for enforcement of arbitral awards. The petitions for legal aid shall be made via the Central Authorities of both nations i.e. Ministry of Law and Justice for India and Ministry of Justice for Azerbaijan.

  • Earlier, India has already inked similar type treaties on Civil and Commercial Matters with: Bahrain, Bulgaria, France, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Mongolia, Russia and UAE.



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