IMG studying GAGAN’s potential for non-aviation sector

The government has set up an Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG) under Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation to evaluate the potential of GAGAN (GPS Aided Augmented Navigation) system for non-aviation sectors. The group will examine the potential of sector-specific utilization of GAGAN system for its use in non-aviation sectors and develop apt work programmes using GAGAN signals that can benefit diversified users. What is GAGAN? It is GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) system meant for the advancement of air navigation. The system was launched as a payload with GSAT-8 in 2011. It was also launched with recently launched GSAT-10. 
Advantages of GAGAN:

  • It will modernize air traffic management and communication-navigation surveillance system.
  • Aircrafts will get more accurate figures while landing, take-off and in-flight.
  • India would join the elite club of U.S., Europe and Japan who have the same level of space-based augmentation.
  • GAGAN offers free enhanced satellite navigation signals over India which is 10 times more precise than GPS.
  • It can offer civilian users integrity, i.e. a measure of trust which can be placed in the accuracy of the information supplied by the system, with the user being automatically alerted whenever an error made by the system is beyond a certain confidence limit.
  • The role of integrity is significant in the safety of life applications in transport, sensitive commercial applications and liability-critical applications requiring legal recourse.



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