IIFPT to manufacture and supply nutrient-rich food

The Indian Institute of Food Processing Industry (IIFPT) operating under Ministry of Food Processing Industry has been manufacturing nutrient rich food for COVID-19 patients.


The institute is supplying bread loves that are enriched with moringa leaves. It has also produced whey protein that constitutes 9.8% of protein and 8.1% of fiber. Also, immunity boosters such as turmeric, garlic, ginger and pepper are added. The institute has also produced rusks that consists of 12.85% protein and 10.61% fiber.

These products are being prepared according to the standards set by FSSAI.


The IIFPT was initially called the Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology. It was founded as a Research and Development Complex in 1967, mainly for rice. Later in 1972, the institute got upgraded to Paddy processing research centre. Finally, in 2008 the institute became a national institute and was renamed as Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology and now called IIFPT.




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