Hygiene Rating for Food Delivery Apps in Punjab

The government of Punjab has issued directions to all online food order and supply companies to display the hygiene rating of the food business operators registered with them. The hygiene ratings are as per the guidelines of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

The government has given a compliance time of 3 months after which no online food order will be delivered in the state without the hygiene rating. The decision has been taken as part of the Tandarust Punjab Mission.

Tandarust Punjab Mission

The Punjab Government had launched the Tandarust Punjab mission to make it the healthiest state in the country with healthy people.

The mission has been envisaged as a holistic initiative to take care of the state s air quality, water quality, and safe food, thus ensuring a good living environment for the citizens of Punjab.

Hygiene Rating

Hygiene Rating Scheme of FSSAI is an online, transparent scoring and rating process which allow consumers to make informed choices about the places where they eat out. Through these choices, encourage businesses to improve their hygiene standards & thus reduce the incidence of food-borne illness.

How the Rating is done?
  • The food outlet owners can log in using their credentials at fssai.gov.in/hygieneRating/login.
  • Follow Guidelines and complete self-assessment.
  • Generate “hygiene rating” or enrol for “Responsible place to eat”.
  • Print self-assessment rating certificate online.
  • Verification of ratings will be done by a Food Safety officer from FSSAI through an inspection.
  • Post Inspection, FBO can generate the verified (signed) rating certificate.
  • Can be Enrolled for “Responsible place to eat” if the hygiene rating score is 4 (Good ) or more out of five.

The food outlets can have hygiene ratings and hygiene + ratings (also known as a responsible place to eat).