History of Pandemics: Justinian Plague, Black Death and Spanish Flu

The COVID-19 has killed thousands and has indented a bad and deep history of economic crisis. It has locked down almost every super economic power in the world and has left permanent damages to developing countries. There were several other Pandemics in the history that created equal impacts. They are Justinian Plague, Black Death and Spanish Flu

Justinian Plague

The Justinian Plague was the deadliest pandemic that broke in 6th century. It had spread from Egypt to Constantinople. The disease was named after the emperor Justinian as the disease hit the region during his reign of Byzantine Empire. The disease killed more than 100 million.

Black Death

The Black Death killed more than 200 million. It struck China, Syria, India and Egypt. The disease arrived in Europe in 1347. The labour demand in Europe rose and wages tripled. It also led to Peasant Revolt in England in 1381. Jews were blamed for spreading the illness and were burnt alive in many parts of the country.

Spanish Flu

The Spanish Flu broke during the last phase of World War I. It killed more than 50 million people. It was recorded in Europe and later spread to Asia and America. The disease weakened German units and was is till considered as one of the reasons for the fall of Germany in the war.




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