Himachal High court bans on food in plastic packs

The Himachal Pradesh High Court banned on the sale of potato chips, wafers and all junk food items packaged in plastic and non-biodegradable material from January 26, 2014. It directed the government to strictly enforce the ban on non-essential food items. The ban will not cover plastic drinking water bottles.
The court vacated its stay on a notification issued by the Department of Science, Technology and Environment on June 26, 2013, to impose a ban on sale, storage, entry, supply and manufacture of these items in the state. 
As per the court order, the government has to ensure that

  • From March 31, milk and milk products, edible oils/fats, fruits, vegetables and meat products will be manufactured, transported, sold, packaged and distributed as per the Food Safety & Standards (Packaging & Labeling) Regulation, 2011.
  • No person is permitted to start or continue any food business without obtaining the required license.
  • Edible oils/fats are packed in tin containers and not plastic bottles or pouches.
  • The appointment of a Food Commissioner in four weeks.
  • All the municipal authorities in the state have to manage the plastic waste by undertaking Waste audit from beginning of the year.



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