Helipads on Mumbai Buildings

While the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation had given its official sanction for the construction of helipads which could be constructed on top of tall buildings in Mumbai over three years ago, till date no operational helipad has been constructed in any building due to several objections from central ministries, primarily the defense and environment ministry.

Why are helipads necessary?

  • The Helipad is a landing platform for helicopters which do not require a large open space to take off and land.
  • A Helicopter is a quick way to get around the city as it is not stuck by traffic and road which is a premium in most global cities.
  • Major cities globally like New York, London and Paris all have incorporated Helipads in the city space as it speeds up the movement of corporate honchos and important dignitaries in the city regions.
  • However, no helipad has become operational in Mumbai which is home to the financial capital of India and is home to several hundred corporate heads.
  • By thumb rule, a city as rich as Mumbai and with its space constraints should have several helipads. But there are no helipads in Mumbai as they are not without concerns of their own.

What has happened in Mumbai?

  • As per the Development Control norms which were notified in Mumbai in 2016, helipad construction was allowed on roofs of all buildings which were more than 200 meters in height.
  • This allowed several buildings like hospitals and residences of industrialists to obtain permission to construct helipads.
  • However, the Defence Ministry has objected to having private sector helicopters taking off so close to its establishments as they comprise high-security threats.
  • Even the environmental ministry has objected to helicopters, as a landing and taking off helicopter would generate high amounts of noise and this would comprise living in the residential areas.?



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