Haryana becomes first state to launch High-Risk Pregnancy portal

Haryana become first state in the country to launch High-Risk Pregnancy (HRP) portal. It has been launched as part of the High Risk Pregnancy Policy of state implemented since November 2017.
The policy aims at identifying 100% name-based high-risk pregnancy cases and ensuring their delivery by specialists at civil hospitals.

Key Facts

The portal will help in early identification of high-risk pregnant cases up to grass-roots level and ensures their timely referral to civil hospitals for further management and delivery by specialists.
It will help in increasing pace of decline in Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Still Birth Incidence as morbidity and mortality is quite high in high risk pregnant cases if not managed timely.
It will track every high risk pregnant woman till 42 days after delivery, so that she receives adequate treatment during the ante-natal period for healthy outcome of pregnancy. State Government has issued instructions to all civil surgeons for 100% entry of high risk pregnant cases in HRP Portal and their management at Civil Hospitals by specialists.



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