Government Testing its own Secure Messaging app

Reports in media have code-named the Government of India’s secure messaging app ‘GIMS’- Government Instant Messaging System, as a similar smartphone application has been developed and designed by the state-owned Kerela unit of National Informatics Centre (NIC) which is said to be in the pilot testing stage and has been released to some Indian Navy officials across different states in India.
GIMS is said to be designed for the Central and State government departments and organizations for Intra and inter-organization communications. It will have most of the basic features that WhatsApp has, and will offer end-to-encryption of messages, photos, and videos.
Recently Indian user’s mobile devices were targeted, WhatsApp messages were breached through Israeli spyware software, Pegasus. According to the reports, the Pegasus snoopware attacked 121 WhatsApp users in the country and was able to successfully breach the WhatsApp messages of 20 users.



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