Government Scientific Advisor issues manual for Homemade Masks

On March 31, the Scientific Advisor of Government of India issued guidelines to make masks at home. He also insisted that these masks are 70% safer and effective in containing the spread of the Virus.


The Guidelines insist people living in densely populated areas to wear masks. This will help prevent the virus from entering into the respiratory system of the person. The manual insists washing the used masks with soaps or disinfectants to contain the virus. Also, boiling of the masks in hot water has been suggested.

The main advantage is that as the home made masks are washed and not disposed in open air, the spread of the virus is greatly reduced.

Other Guidelines

The GoI also suggests use of double layered 100% cotton cloth. This is because they are as effective as that of a surgical masks. These 100% double layered cotton masks protect against particles that are five times smaller than the virus.




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