Government releases postal stamp commemorating 'Kuka Movement'

Government has released commemorative postal stamp to highlight heroic deeds of those engaged in 1857 Kuka movement of the Namdhari Sikhs against the British rule.
It was released by Union minister for Communication and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad in New Delhi.

Key facts about Kuka Movement

  • This movement marked the first major anti British reaction and its new political order initiated in 1849 among the people in the Punjab in 1857.
  • The Namdhari Movement, aftermath of the Kuka Movement was the most important phase as it aimed at overthrowing the British rule and played important role in freedom struggle.
  • It had evoked the strong feelings of self-respect and sacrifice for the country’s freedom struggle.
  • This movement actively propagated the principles of boycott and non-co-operation given by Guru Ram Singh (founded the Namdhari sect) for the Namdharis.
  • Guru’s Non-co-operation Movement actively propagated few things such as boycott of education institutions of British and laws established by them.
  • At the time of movement, the Kuka followers were rigid in their clothing and wore only hand-spun white attire in order not to reveal their identity as large number of followers were in the police as well as army.
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