Government of India (GoI) launches Student Police Cadet Programme to build bridge between Police and larger community

On July 21, the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has launched the Student Police Cadet Programme to build a bridge between the Police and the larger community through school students by inculcating values and ethics in them. The programme focuses on students of Class 8 and 9th and special care has been taken to ensure that it does not lead to increase the workload of students. The programme does not have any prescribed text book nor is any exam envisaged. Only one class in a month is proposed. The programme seeks to cover broadly two kinds of topics: Crime prevention and control, and Values and ethics. Under the first part, the topics covered are – Community Policing, Road Safety, Fight against Social Evils, Safety of Women & Children, Fight against Corruption and Disaster Management. The topics covered under the second part are – Values & Ethics, Respect for Elders, Empathy & Sympathy, Tolerance, Patience, Attitude, Team Spirit and Discipline. The programme will first be implemented in government schools in both urban and rural areas.


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