Government mulling over National Litigation Policy

Home Minister has announced that the government is mulling over National Litigation Policy to reduce pendency of cases. It is estimated that the government litigation constitutes nearly half of all litigation in Indian judiciary. The Supreme Court since the 1970s has been condemning the government for being callous in pursuing litigation. The Law Commission in its 126th Report in 1988 has also analysed this problem. Apart from incurring unnecessary expenses, government litigation is contributing to the judicial backlog and affects the justice delivery in India. In this context, drafting of a National Litigation Policy can help in curbing the problem and can offer solutions based on evidence rather than conjecture.

During the United Progressive Alliance government, National Litigation Policy (NLP) was launched in 2010 to make the government a responsible and efficient litigant. But, the NLP initiative was considered as a failure due to its ambiguity with no scope for implementation.