Government to launch pilot project on ornamental fisheries

The Union Government is going to launch pilot project on ornamental fisheries in 8 potential States with total outlay of over 61 crore rupees.
These 8 potential States identified includes Assam, West Bengal , Odisha, Maharashtra , Gujarat , Karnataka , Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

What is Ornamental fishery?

It is a sub-sector of the fisheries sector dealing with breeding and rearing of coloured fish of both freshwater and marine water. There are about 400 species of marine ornamental fishes and 375 freshwater ornamental varieties are available in various parts of the India.

Need for such project

Ornamental fishery industry does not directly contribute to the food and nutritional security, but it generates livelihood and income for the rural and periurban population, especially women and unemployed youth as part-time activities. In India, ornamental fishery industry is small but vibrant, with potential for tremendous growth. The low production cost and high returns within a short span of time and the ever growing demand, both in international and domestic markets, are the major attractions for this industry. 

Key Facts
  • Objectives of pilot project are Promote ornamental fish culture with cluster-based approach, augment ornamental fisheries trade, export earnings and create employment opportunities for the rural and periurban population and use of modern technology and innovation to make ornamental fisheries a thriving activity.
  • It will be implemented by the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) through the Fisheries Departments of States and Union territories.



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