Gold Card Permanent Residency Scheme of UAE

The UAE has launched the Gold Card Permanent Residency Scheme for expatriates. Under the scheme, permanent residency status would be granted to exceptional professionals and investors. The Golden Card will offer unprecedented benefits to the cardholders and their families while creating an attractive environment for business and growth.

How the UAE aims to benefit?

  • The new initiative will aid in attracting greater foreign investment and stimulate the local economy by making it more efficient and attractive for investors.
  • It will also increase the UAE’s competitiveness and reaffirms the country’s position as a global incubator.

The Golden Cards would be provided under five categories which include general investors who will be granted a 10-year visa, real estate investors, who will be provided visa for five years, along with entrepreneurs and talented professionals such as doctors, researchers and innovators 10 years. The fifth category of outstanding students will also be permitted residency visas for five years. All categories of visas can be renewed upon expiry.



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