GoI to launch National Programme on Artificial Intelligence

The Government of India is to launch National Programme on Artificial Intelligence. Under the programme, high value data sets in Public Sector Units are to be identified. These data will then be put under an Artificial Intelligence control framework. The framework will provide access to the appropriate units. This is being done to increase the safety of the data and its accessibility.

What is the plan?

Under the National Programme on Artificial Intelligence, a Centre for Transformational Artificial Intelligence to tap the data in various models is to be made available for the Artificial Intelligence model.

The Government of India has also planned to launch Digital India 2.0. This will boost National Programme on Artificial Intelligence.

Digital India 2.0

  • The main aim of Digital India 2.0 is to take cybersecurity, digital service offerings and infrastructure to next level.
  • Under Digital India 2.0, the Government of India will develop indigenous cybersecurity products and robust digital infrastructure.
  • It will also aim to create robust Direct Benefit Transfer.
  • A Nationwide Enterprise Architecture is to be established under Digital India 2.0.

Role of MSMEs in the plans

  • Both Digital India 2.0 and the National Programme on Artificial Intelligence will be implemented in such a way that they support MSMEs and startups in the respective fields.
  • To achieve this, the MSME Ministry will set up Rs 1,000 crores of fund. The fund will provide access capital to these companies.
  • To help the startups in the field, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology will set up Digital Product Fund. The fund will be invested in startups through incubators and accelerators.




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