Fresh Guidelines for High-Rise Buildings issued by the Government

As per the fresh Guidelines for the High—Rising Buildings issued by the Govt, the Environmental clearance for high rise building will now also be conditional upon:

  • The width of the road on which they are coming up
  • Their distance from the fire station

Also, as per the Guidelines:

  • Before the occupancy of the building, all necessary firefighting equipment shall be in place.

The Experts Appraisal Committee (EAC) under the Environment and Forests Ministry has advocated that the height of the building should be linked with the width of the road and also the distance of Fire Station from the building so that in case of emergency, the fire tender may reach in the shortest possible time.

The EAC also urged that the provisions and the guidelines, as relevant, of the State departments and National/State Disaster Management Authority should be stringently adhered to.