Foundation day of India Meteorological Department

The foundation day of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is to be celebrated on 15th January 2020. It is the 145th Foundation Day of the department.

The Department was formed in the year 1875. Today is the main agency responsible for all the meteorological observations, forecasting of weather and seismology. The Headquarter is located in New Delhi and has regional offices at Kolkata, Nagpur, Mumbai, and Pune.

In the last four years, the department has shown a massive improvement in every field. There has been a tremendous increase in the enhancement of the network. The Cyclonic Warning Services has improved a lot. The perfect accuracy and timely alerts help to save many lives. The tsunami early warning has also shown great improvement in recent years. The Heat Wave Warning alert help to know the maximum temperature and helps to do the forecasting for several places mainly in coastal areas. The real-time monitoring of Seismic Activity has also increased a lot. The System of Air Quality Forecasting and Research helps the department to know the quality of air. Significant changes and improvements have been recorded in the past years for the department.



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