Floods continue the tale of misery in J&K

In the most devastating floods which ripped apart life and infrastructure in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has left nearly 400 dead and thousands stranded in the middle of nowhere. The fight with hunger and thirst is mounting for the ones who have made their way out of the battling waters.
The Indian army and airforce have launched massive rescue operation which somehow seems to be belittled by the furious nature as the rains continue to pour in. The flood waters have defied all international boundaries and have caused similar havoc in the neighbouring areas of Pakistan as well. The authorities have predicted of more rains in the coming days which could make matters worse and going out of proportions as the flood waters will gain passage into more populous areas.
The major hurdle in saving people is seen due to damage caused due to bridges and roads which have cut some areas from being accessed by the army. The residents of these areas are perched on the roof-tops waiting for food, drinking water and being lifted to safer areas.
The army is trying to build temporary crossings to reach the areas which have been completely cut-off since the waters took charge. The focus of the rescuers rests in the areas with maximum population. PM Modi, visited the region over the weekend and declared it as a national disaster immediately. He assured the CM Omar Abdullah of maximum help and assistance from the Centre. He also asked the other states to pool in to help the victims’ rebuild their lives and belongings. He reiterated his commitment to provide everything to restore the key infrastructure in the state back o normal levels.
The Indian army has also took to social media to monitor and forward the distress messages to rescuers. Around 7,000 such distress messages have poured in and have proved instrumental in the rescue of stranded residents. The committed army is adamant to continue the rescue effort till the last man is brought to the safer lands.



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