February 20: World Day of Social Justice

The World Day of Social Justice is observed on February 20 every year. The day is dedicated to advantages and issues which can be tackled by Social Justice. In the year 2021, the day was celebrated under Theme– “A call for social justice in the Digital Economy.”

Why this day is observed?

  • The day is observed to show its fight for the greater good which can be achieved by fighting the unemployment, poverty, by upholding the human rights and by promoting Gender Equality.
  • It also talks about the equal opportunities that is needed in all aspects.
  • The day is specifically dedicated to those who have been denied from their basic rights and have been discriminated on various accounts.


The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) started gave its approval to observe the World Day of Social Justice on November 26, 2007. In the 63rd session of the UNGA, February 20th was selected as the World Day of Social Justice.

Significance of the day

In the year 2021, this day became more significance amid the covid-19 pandemic. The global pandemic has brought the entire nation to a standstill. Some part of the world is still struggling with the covid-19 cases caused due to different variants of the virus. While, there are several countries where healthcare systems are at work and have started vaccination.  As a result, world has been bifurcated into two parts. One part of the world is getting all the services they need while major portion of the world has not enough resources to avail the services. Thus, the social justice becomes more important.




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