Fact Box: VOR (VHF Omni Directional Range)

VOR = VHF Omni Directional Range; VHF = Very High Frequency
VOR was commissioned recently by the Airport Authority of India at Ludhiana Airport, Punjab.
About VOR:

  • Short range radio navigation system
  • Utilizes radio frequencies in the VHF band from 108 – 117.95 MHz.
  • Standard air navigational system in the world
  • Used for both commercial and general aviation
  • VOR stations are fairly short range: the signals have a range of about 200 miles.
  • Generally VORs are equipped for voice transmission on the VOR frequency. VORs without voice capability are indicated by the letter “W” (without voice – VORW).
  • Relies on the ground based transmitters which emitted signals to VOR receiver.

VOR is used to enhance the visibleness at the time of landing and takeoff by the airplanes at the airport.  Radio signals transmitted by a network of fixed ground radio signals and receiver unit in a plane receives them and in turn assists the pilot in determining the position of the airplane and thus stays on course.



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