‘Escaped China activist in US protection’


Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng is under US protection in Beijing after a dauntless escape from 19 months under house arrest, in a drama that endangers to erupt new tensions b/w the two governments.

Who is Chen Guangcheng?

A civil rights activist in the People’s Republic of China.

He drew International attention to human rights issues in rural areas.

Chen lost his sight at an early age.

  • September 2005 to March 2006: Placed under house arrest for organizing and publicizing a class-action lawsuit against the government of Linyi Prefecture, Shandong Province, for excessive enforcement of the One-child policy, officially euphemistically called "family planning policy". Chen exposed harsh illegal measures by local authorities when enforcing the one-child policy, where family planning officials from Linyi municipal authorities in Shandong forced thousands of people to undergo sterilization or to abort pregnancies.

During his trial, Chen’s lawyers were forbidden access to the court, leaving him without a proper defender.

Chen’s case received sustained international attention, with the U.S. State Department, the British Foreign Secretary, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International issuing appeals for his release; the latter group designated him a prisoner of conscience.

  • 2006: Named to the ‘Time 100’
  • 2007: Laureate of the Ramon Magsaysay Award
  • September 8, 2010: Chen was released from prison after serving his full sentence, but remained under house arrest or "soft detention" at his home in Dongshigu Village.
  • April 22, 2012: Chen escaped his house arrest and was reported to have fled to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.



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