‘eSanjeevani’: Union Government’s tele-communication service made 2 lakh tele-consultations

Union Government’s digital health service platform “eSanjeevani” recorded two lakh telecommunications. Tamil Nadu tops the list and followed by Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala.

Key Highlights

On 9th August, the Union Health Ministry had called for a review meeting to commemorate the completion of 1.5 lakh teleconsultation. Right after 10 days, the figure crossed 2 lakhs.

What is eSanjeevani?

‘eSanjeevani’, is a digital mode of comprehensive telemedicine solution platform. The portal made it possible to extend specialized healthcare services to the rural areas as well as isolated communities. It reduced the digital divide between urban and rural areas. Medical education facility for interns is also available in this portal.

What kind of telemedicine services are provided by the platform?

eSanjeevani platform has two types of telemedicine services

  • Doctor to doctor consultation mode- eSanjeevani
  • Patient to doctor consultation mode- eSanjeevani OPD

It stores information related to clinical reports, physical examination reports, medical history, etc. The platform provides store and forward mode of consultation as well as real-time consultation through audio/video conferencing.




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