Elephant population rises in Odisha: 2015 Census

The population of elephants has increased to 1,954 in Odisha as per revealed in 2015 Elephant Census report.
The population of elephants in state has marginally increased by 24 elephants in the terns of population in 2015 compared to 2012 Elephant Census.
As per 2015 Elephant Census

  • 1450 elephants were enumerated in three elephant reserves viz. Mayurbhanj, Mahanadi and Sambalpur.
  • These 3 elephant reserve accounted for 74.21 per cent of the total elephant population of the state.
  • Remaining 402 elephants were found outside these elephant reserves and sanctuaries.
  • Composition: 1,096 elephants were identified as cow elephants and 341 elephants were identified as tuskers. Around 490 elephants among them aged below 5 years.
  • Man animal conflict: in some areas due to enormous anthropogenic pressure and urban infrastructure development has resulted in decline in population.
  • Deaths: 13 elephants had died from 2012 to May 2015. 49 elephants had died due to disease. While, 20 had died due to poaching and 5 were poisoned.
  • 14 elephants were deliberately and 9 were accidentally electrocuted. 13 elephants died after they were hit by speeding trains and vehicles.

The census which was carried out in 44 forest divisions has shown a positive growth in 26 divisions and a negative growth in 14 divisions.



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