Election Ink allowed to stamp Corona Patients

The Election Commission recently allowed the use of Election ink for stamping “home quarantined” on infected or symptomatic patients. The Corona Virus infected patients are to be stamped on hands. The ink is also called indelible ink, election ink, phosphoric ink, electoral ink.

Election Ink

The ink is semi-permanent. It is used during elections to prevent the fraud of double voting. Election ink uses silver nitrate and hence excessive exposure to the ink causes argyria. The ink was first used in 1962 elections.

More the concentration of silver nitrate in the ink, longer it stays on the skin. It gets warded away only after new skin cells are formed.

What is Home Quarantine?

Quarantine is a latin word. It means 40 days. During old times, ships that were suspected to have germs or disease causing pathogens spread all over were put in the sea away from the port for 40 days. This was first brought up in Britain. Britain adopted the method especially when there was plague spread all over.




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