Egypt approved the new Constitution in referendum

The Egyptian constitution 2014 approved in a referendum.The newly-approved constitution replaces the Egyptian Constitution of 2012 which came into effect under former President, Mohammed Morsi. The Supreme Electoral Committee (SEC) declared that the newly drafted national charter approved by 98.1% voters.

  • The referendum is a key step in the political transition plan by the military-backed interim government on the road to democracy. It stated that the constitution would be followed by parliamentary elections and presidential polls.
  • The referendum shows that citizens of Egypt indirectly support military chief General Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi as Presidential candidate. 
Salient features of Egyptian constitution
  • Drafted by a liberal-dominated committee appointed by the government.
  • Chairman of the Constituent Assembly: Veteran Egyptian diplomat Mr. Amr Moussa.
  • Support the Egypt’s three key institutions: the military, the police and the judiciary.
  • State religion: Islam; a basis for the country’s law system; though freedom of religion is also guaranteed.
  • Ban on political parties, who are based on religion.
  • Gave women equal rights and protect the status of minority Christians.
  • The President will be elected for a four-year term, and may serve for two terms.
  • The parliament may impeach the president.
  • The Minister of Defense is to be chosen by the military for the first 8 years. 

Note: The Islamists led by Muslim Brotherhood boycotted the referendum.



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