EC may not provide ‘NOTA’ option in Bengal civic polls

Though the apex court has directed the Election Commission to provide a ‘NOTA’ (None Of The Above) option to voters, the State Election Commission of West Bengal is yet to start on it for the upcoming civic polls. It is likely that the State Election Commission may not be able to provide Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) with the option.

What is NOTA option?

On September 27, 2013, the Supreme Court  had directed the EC to provide NOTA option on the ballot papers and EVMs. The NOTA or None Of The Above option empowers the voter to exercise his/her vote to reject all the candidates contesting the polls if he/she finds all the candidates undeserving.

What is the problem before the EC in implementing the NOTA option?

The EC is yet to clarify some points and course of actions on providing NOTA. One of them is, what would happen if a high percentage of voters exercise NOTA option.



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