E.coli bacteria

Escherichia coli (better known as the E. coli bacteria) is a bacterium which is most commonly found in the gut region of most warm-blooded organisms.

How do the E.Coli bacteria spread?

  • The E.Coli bacteria is found to spread by the swallowing of contaminated water or contaminated foodlike undercooked ground beef, unpasteurized milk, juice, cider, or cheese, alfalfa sprouts or raw vegetables.
  • It also spreads by a person to person contact and coming in contact with animals holding the bacteria strain.

What do the E.Coli bacteria do?

  • While most varieties of E.coli are relatively harmless and cause relatively minor diarrhea on ingestion, a few strains of the bacteria are more aggressive strains.
  • These strains have been found to cause severe stomach cramps, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting.
  • E.coli have also been found to cause various diseases like pneumonia and urinary tract infections.
  • In a few cases, the ingestion of E.Coli has been found to cause kidney failure.
  • In case of an E.Coli infection, the patients are advised to get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water which would prevent dehydration.

Why is it in the news?

Due to the high levels of E.coli bacteria which were detected in a swimming pool, the Tokyo Officials have had to cancel the swimming segment of the Paratriathlon World Cup which was been held as a test event for the upcoming Paralympics Games.

Tokyo is scheduled to host next year’s Olympics and Paralympics Games (2020 Olympic Games).




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