Dogor- the 18,000 year old pup

The well preserved remains of a puppy from 18,000 years ago was unearthed in Siberia recently. It was preserved by the permafrost layer with intact head, fur, whiskers, teeth, skeleton and lashes. It is only the recent addition to the increasing number of ancient animal preserves being revealed by the melting Siberian region- ranging from mammoths to steppe bison, pony, woolly rhinos, etc. the Siberian region accounts for 20% of Russian geography. The region is noted for its reserves of oil, gas, diamonds and also ancient treasures like mammoth ivory tusks. The male pup was discovered in the Yakutia region. The DNA test is yet to reveal whether it is a dog or a wolf. Current theories speculate that dogs evolved from an ancient extinct wolf type thousands of years ago. Present day wolves and dogs differ from each other on many levels- physiologically, behaviourally, etc.

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