Dextrose Gel can help treat Hypoglycaemia in Premature Babies

As per scientists from the University of Auckland, New Zealand the dose of sugar in the form of gel can help prevent premature babies from the risk of brain damage due to Hypoglycaemia. This is named as Dextrose gel treatment. 
During this treatment, the sugar gel should be rubbed in the inside of cheeks and it has been found as the effective and cheapest possible way. Around 10% of premature babies face the risk of low blood sugar level, which eventually affects them. If left untreated, it can cause permanent damage.
As per researchers, dextrose treatment this should become the first-line treatment. The cost of Dextrose gel treatment is merely 1 Pound per baby and is also simple to administer in comparison with the glucose through the drip.
However, the treatment has to go through further research for implementation of the treatment.

What is Hypoglycemia?

A medical emergency condition in which body has abnormally low levels of blood sugar (glucose) is called as hypoglycemia. Glucose is the body’s main energy source. Hypoglycemia is not a disease in itself; it is a sign of a health problem.



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