“Dexter”: A virus in the Indian Online Banking System detected by CERT

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-India) detected a “black” private information stealing virus in the Indian online banking transactions space.

  • The virus is especially more threatening for the users of credit cards who make payments at the shopping counters.
  • The virus named “Dexter, black POS, memory dump and grabber” can acquire 7 false names when infecting a system and once it is successful in breaking the security protocols of a Point of Sale (POS) terminal, it steals confidential data like card holder’s name, account number, expiration date, CVV code and other discretionary information which could lead to financially compromising and phishing attacks on the card at a later stage.
  • Recently, RBI has made it mandatory for debit card holders to punch in their PIN numbers every time they use the card to minimize frauds. The order was passed following the spread of Dexter virus of Trojan Family which was detected at the Point of Sale (POS). 
About Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)
  • Formed: 19 January 2004.
  • Headquarters:New Delhi.
  • Nodal department under Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
  • Objective:  To protect Indian cyberspace and software infrastructure against destructive and hacking activities.
  • Issue guidelines, advisories, vulnerability notes and whitepapers regarding to information security practices, procedures, prevention, response and reporting of cyber security incidents.
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