Delhi Police launches women safety mobile app 'Himmat'

Delhi police has launched women safety mobile application ‘Himmat’. It was launched by the Union home minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi.
It is an android based mobile app, which aims to cater employed women who have smartphones and travel alone late in the night.
This application will allow women to send a distress call to Police Control Room (PCR) and their relatives in case of any emergency.
Key facts of women safety mobile app ‘Himmat’

  • In case to use this app, user has to download this app on their smartphone.
  • After downloading the app, new user has to register them with the Delhi Police website by sharing their name, mobile number and that of a minimum of two relatives/friends.
  • In case of emergency, user can send an alert by shaking her phone or by pressing the power button/soft button.
  • As soon as the distress button is pressed, it will trigger a 30-second audio and video recording on the phone which will be relayed to the PCR. The victim will get a call back from the PCR.
  • After distress button is pressed, SMS alert consisting of all the details of the victim, including her location, time will be forwarded to the PCR. Then from PCR, SMS alert it will be forwarded to the police patrol cars in the area and the local station house officer (SHO) through the Delhi Police cyber highway.
  • In case of emergency, SMS alert will also be sent to minimum of 5 friends and relatives of the user. It will also post a status on the victim’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • In order to tackle false SOS alerts/ alarms the app is provided with inbuilt feature which cancels the registration after 3 such (False SOS alerts) incidents. But, the user can re-register to re-activate the facility.



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