Culiseta kishenehn and Culiseta lemniscata


Culiseta kishenehn and Culiseta lemniscata are the two newly indentified species of mosquitoes from Eocene epoch. These species are thought  to have been lived around 46 million years ago and belong to genus Culseta.These speicies have been recovered from the compression fossils of shale deposits in Northwestern Montana, Kishenehn Basin, USA

Although compressional fossils do not have much information as compared to the highly preserved body fossils found within Ambers, these fossils of Culseta genus insects have very minute details. Scientists were able to identify the details that helped them differentiating beteween two species. The two species had different length of wing veins and the presence of hair like structures at their wing base. Culiseta kishenehn exhibits similarities with the living North American Culiseta melanura,

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