Cruise missile Nirbhay goes awry, terminated midway

Cruise missile Nirbhay missed the target test-firing as it had to be terminated midway after deviating from the flight course.
However, as per DRDO, the missile "successfully" achieved the basic mission objectives and performed some of the maneuvers satisfactorily before being terminated midway.

  • Nirbhay:
    India’s first indigenously developed sub-sonic cruise missile 
    All-weather low-cost medium-range cruise missile with stealth and high accuracy.
    Range of 1,500 km.
    It will carry a ring laser gyroscope for high-accuracy navigation and a radio altimeter for the height determination.
    Capable of being launched from multiple platforms on land, sea and air and shall be inducted into Indian Navy, Army, and Air Force.
    Capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
    Capable of flying at different altitudes ranging from 500 m to 4 km above the ground.
    Good loitering capability, control and guidance with high degree of accuracy for maximum impact.
    Nirbhay will supplement the Brahmos cruise missile by carrying warheads beyond the 300-km range.



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