Corps of Army Air Defense at Gopalpur honored with President Colors

President Ram Nath Kovind presented President’s Colors award to the Corps of army air defense. The Supreme Commander of the Indian armed forces recalled the participation of Air Defense troops in world war II, Burma Campaign, siege of Imphal and Kohima, Arakan operations, recapture of Rangoon.

The award was provided on the occasion of 25 years of army air defense college.

Apart from Presidents Colors award, they also won 4 military crosses, 7 Indian Distinguished service medals, 1 medal of British empire.

The Corps of Army air defense had been awarded with 2 Kirti Chakras, 2 Ashoka Chakras, 20 Vir Chakras, 113 Sena Medals, 9 Shaurayas.

A Rashtriya salute was provided to the Supreme Commander during the program. The President is on a two – day visit to Odisha with his wife Savita Kovind.

Corps of army air defense

The air defense was in existence since 1940. However, it got recognition as an independent arm only in 1994.

It is an active corps of Indian army that are tasked with the air defense. They are responsible for the protection of Indian air space below 5,000 feet.

Indian air defense in world war II

In world war II, the Indian air force played an important role in stopping the advance of Japanese troops in Burma. During the mission, the troop first targeted Arakan base. The strike mission then continued to attack other Japanese bases at Chiang Mai, Mae hong Son.

It was the first operation of the troop in the world.

Operation Gibraltar

In 1962, during the Sino – Indian war, the military planners failed to deploy IAF against the Chinese forces. This resulted in losing a significant amount of advantage to the Chinese.

However, in 1965 when Pakistan launched Operation Gibraltar to infiltrate Kashmir, the IAF carried out independent raids against PAF (Pakistan Air Force) bases. This helped to win the second Kashmir war against Pakistan.

It was the first operation of the troop in India.

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