CII: Asia Health Conference, 2019

The National Health Authority and CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) are together organizing the Asia Health Conference, 2019. It includes CII National Biotechnology Conclave, CII 12th Medical Technology Summit, CII Ayurveda Conclave, CII 16th Health Summit, CII Health Tech, CII Public Health Conference, CII 13th Health Insurance Summit and CII National Pharmaceuticals Conclave,


  • Certification courses on healthcare management and medical ethics are to be conducted during the conference.
  • The conference is to act as a platform of interaction between policy makers, Indian and Global thought leaders and Global investors.
  • Asia Health 2019 will also showcase an Exhibition. It will provide a platform to exchange information on the entire healthcare gamut. The exhibition also aims at promoting multi sectoral convergence under one roof with various stake holders focusing on Model Health care centers, Cutting-edge Technologies, Health Care Products and Services, Innovative Ideas and Solutions.


India is set to become a 5 trillion USD economy in the next five years. Indian Industries will remain the main growth engine to achieve the target. In order to achieve this, CII is focusing on 5 major areas namely rural-urban connect, employment generation, energy security, governance and environmental sustainability. The conference is also a part of its theme for the year 2019-20 “Competitiveness of India [email protected]: Forging Ahead”




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