Chip-Off Technique developed to Retrieve Encrypted Data

Forensic scientists at Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) have developed an indigenous chip-off technique which will help the investigative agencies in producing credible evidences against criminals in trial courts. This technique will also help in retrieving encrypted data from locked and severely damaged smart cell phones.


  • It was developed by scientists Akhlesh Kumar, Bhushan Ghode and Khevna Maniar.
  • Using the technique, scientists were able to retrieve data from a smart cell phone which were locked with finger prints of a person died by suicide.

About Chip-off technique

Chip-off technique is divided in six parts. Firstly, device is opened up using heat and air combination to remove its back & front covers, battery screws etc to retrieve motherboard. NAND flash memory is located on motherboard or circuit board which is physically removed using appropriate heat and chemicals. Then the removed chip is cleaned if necessary and forensic image of chip is taken with the help of imaging software & adapter connecting it to PC. Further analysis is conducted with standard software at laboratory.

Limitations of technique

This technique is not successful on mobile device of higher Android or IOS versions including Apple iphones. Data are extracted from such mobile devices are found in an encrypted condition and methods of decryption are still under development. This technique can be used only if competent court grants permission.




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