China objects the presence of US THAAD missile in South Korea

THAAD is Terminal High Altitude Area Defense. It is a transportable and ground-based missile defense system.

What is the issue?

China believes that US is exerting its influence over South Korea and Japan. This may interfere China’s long term diplomatic, military and economic interests in the region. China has been reiterating its long-standing objections about the presence of US THAAD missile defence system in South Korea.

South Korea-China

US announced that THAAD missile system operated in the South Korean soil is a counter measure against attacks by North Korea. In 2017, the tensions in the region escalated when North Korea test fired its missiles in the direction of US bases in Japan.


The THAAD is an anti-ballistic missile system. It was developed after the US experiences in the Gulf War, 1991. THAAD has been deployed in Israel, UAE, Romania and South Korea. THAAD is capable of destroying missiles by colliding with them. It uses Kinetic Kill Technology to achieve this.




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