Chang ‘e-4’launched to far side of Moon recently

On December 7, China has launched its first-ever space mission ‘Chang’e-4’ to land a robotic craft on the far side of the Moon. It was launched on a Long March 3B rocket from the southwestern Xichang launch centre, which will explore the Von Karman crater. The mission, which consists of a stationary lander and a rover, will perform a variety of science work and plant a flag for humanity in a region that remains largely unexplored to date. No lander or rover has ever touched the surface there, hence positioning China as the first nation to explore the terrain. The mission will pave the way for the country to deliver samples of Moon rock and soil to Earth. The moon’s far side is also known as the dark side because it faces away from Earth and remains comparatively unknown. If successful, the mission would propel the Chinese space program to a leading position in one of the most important areas of lunar exploration. The name “Chang’e” comes from the Chinese goddess of the moon, and the “4” indicates that this is the 4th robotic mission in China’s decade-long lunar exploration program.


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