Buffer Zones created in Ladakh and Gogra hot springs

After India and China worked on continuous disengagement processes, buffer zones have been created in Eastern Ladakh and Gogra hot springs.

What is the issue?

India and China have been facing border issues since their boundaries were demarcated with Line of Actual Control. It was formed after 1962 Sino-Indian war.

Line of Actual Control does not have two separate boundaries as that of Line of Control. India and Pakistan have two different boundaries leaving a buffer zone between the lines. The lack of this buffer zone along LAC seldom made the armies of both countries cross the border and thus raising issues. This has now been put to an end with the creation of buffer zone.

India has been long demanding for the creation of buffer zone along LAC.


The Chinese Army has completely moved from back from friction points of Galwan valley. A four km buffer zone has been established. Similar four km buffer zone is to be completed at Gogra hot springs as well.




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