BSE partners with Gujarat’s iHub to help start-ups

The oldest stock exchange of the country, Bombay Stock Exchange, has entered into an agreement with i-Hub, an incubation set up started by the Gujarat Government, in order to encourage and support the startup companies in raising capital.

Scope of the Agreement

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) will offer multiple benefits for gaining visibility, branding, credibility and unlocking the value. Also, the BSE will provide a favourable ecosystem for the startups in the state to get funding and succeed in the venture.

About i-Hub

This is vibrant incubation setup established under student startup innovation policy by the Gujarat Government Education Department and it is mainly focused on developing the startups as the catalyzers for economic growth in the state, thereby providing a conducive ecosystem for the promotion of their growth. This setup is meant to solve one of the major challenges of the startups – Finance.

About BSE

It was established in 1875 and it is Asia’s oldest stock exchange of the country. The BSE is the 10th largest stock exchange of the country with a market capitalization of more than $2 trillion. SENSEX is the index of BSE consisting of 30 major stocks in the exchange as these stocks give an idea regarding the economic condition of the country.




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