Brain Drain in Poland

The Polish Government has approved a new law that will scrap income tax for roughly 2 million young workers. The law was created because several young workers were leaving the country in droves and that was creating a fiscal drag on the country’s economy. The law will come into effect this week.

What has happened?

  • Poland witnessed a dramatic brain drain ever since it joined the European Union 15 years ago.
  • Young Poles left the country to work in other western countries which paid better and had a better life.
  • This created a fiscal drag on the Polish economy and its economy started to suffer due to a lack of workers.
  • The current law is an attempt by the government to stop the brain drain.
  • All Poles who are under the age of 26 and earn less than 85,528 Polish zloty (USD 22,547) a year will now be exempt from the country’s 18% income tax starting August 1.
  • The tax break is exceptionally generous as the average Polish salary stands at just below 60,000 zloty (USD 15,700) a year and the move will benefit over 2 million Poles.

Brain Drain in India

India has also suffered from brain drain as several engineers and doctors have left the nation. To invite the scientists back to the nation, the Indian Government has initiated various schemes to invite them back to the nation.

One of these schemes is the Visiting Advanced Joint Research (VAJRA) Faculty Scheme which aims to utilize the specialized knowledge and technical skills of overseas scientists.

This includes the non-resident Indians (NRIs), people of Indian origin (PIO) and overseas citizen of India (OCI) in the national endeavor.





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