Biyearly meeting b/w BSF and Pakistan Rangers commences

A 5-day biyearly meeting b/w the BSF (Border Security Force) of India and Pakistan Rangers, has started in New Delhi to sort out border related issues.

The issues which are anticipated to be discussed during the meeting include motiveless firing in Jammu and Sialkot Sector and the death of one BSF personnel due to sniper firing, smuggling of Heroin, arms and ammunitions and illegal crossing of Pakistani Nationals to Indian Territory and return of accidental border crossers.

The issue of trepidation of fishermen and capture of fishing boats in Gujarat is also probable to be pictured during the talks.

India may also enkindle the issue of defence construction close to International Border.
The biyearly event which earlier used to take place at Amritsar, Chandigarh and Jalandhar, is taking place in New Delhi for the first time.



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