Bio-food gaining attraction at weddings, luncheons

Bio-food is gaining the interest of people desiring for food produced with least synthetic inputs and for experiencing something new. Many people with health and environments concerns are switching to organic foods and are buying into the principles of chemical-free cultivation. They are making their dietary vote known to friends and family by throwing organic parties and ‘health’ luncheons and even supplementing wedding and anniversary reception menus with organic dishes.
What is Bio-food?
Bio-foods or Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods of organic farming – that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are also not processedusing irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives. The organic farming movement arose in the 1940s in response to the industrialization of agriculture known as the Green Revolution.
Organic food production is a heavily regulated industry, distinct from private gardening. Currently, the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan and many other countries require producers to obtain special certification in order to market food as organic within their borders. In the context of these regulations, organic food is food produced in a way that complies with organic standards set by national governments and international organizations.
There is no sufficient scientific evidence to substantiate that organic food is safer or healthier than conventional food or it tastes better than conventional food.



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