Benjamin Netayu ”Continues his 5th term as PM

Benjamin Netayu appeared as the PM for the 5th term. He faced a solid battle from the opposition after his part and alliances won the majority. The PM and his opposition were dead locked when 97% of the votes werer counted. However his party won 65 ”55 majority in the Israel’s parliament.

The Netanyahu’s family has been in power for decades. The critics felt that his message of unity after coming to power contrasted his campaigning theme where he accused Gantz conspiring with Arab parties.

Of all the years of powers in hands, Netanyahu finally spoke about the West Bank issues. He pledged to annex the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded that Palestine would seek the help of the international community to block such moves.

The Netanyahu family is quite dominant in the Israel community. His campaign focussed the friendship with President Trump.


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