‘Bank of Schemes, Ideas, Innovation & Research’ Portal launched on MSME

The Union Minister of MSME recently launched the portal for collecting and sharing of ideas on a wide range of topics to help MSMEs.

About the Portal

The Bank of Schemes, Ideas, Innovation and Research portal (http://ideas.msme.gov.in/) was launched by the Union Minister of MSME. It will enable the sharing and rating of ideas, innovation and research on a range of topics like Rural Technology Innovation, Waste-to-Wealth, Agro-Processing, Manufacturing, Services, Khadi, Coir, etc. It will also give access to all government schemes.


Persons with relevant ideas, innovation and research can share it on the platform through easy-to-fill online forms in just a few minutes. Papers, links and pictures related to the idea can also be shared. This is reviewed by concerned officers and shared for public view. Registered users can rate these ideas. Venture capitalists can then connect with the contributing persons.


  • Facilitates flow of funds from venture capitalists, foreign collaborations, etc.
  • It uses crowd sourcing not only for gathering ideas but also for evaluation and rating.
  • Success stories in each categories can serve as models for emulation and also provide lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Rating of ideas can contribute in the decision making process.



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