August 10: World Bio-fuel Day

The International Biodiesel Day (or World Bio-fuel Day) is observed every year on August 10 to create awareness about the importance of non-fossil fuels.
Significance of the day: To create awareness about non fossil-fuels (Green Fuels or Bio-fuels). Bio-fuels are renewable, bio-degradable, sustainable and environment friendly fuel. It can be seen as alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

  • On this day in 1893, Sir Rudalph Diesel (inventor of the diesel engine) for the first time successfully ran mechanical engine with Peanut Oil.
  • His research experiment had predicted that vegetable oil is going to replace the fossil fuels in the next century to fuel different mechanical engines.
  • Thus to mark this extraordinary achievement, World Biofuel Day is observed every year on 10th August.



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