Arunachal Pradesh government inks an agreement Smart Village Movement

The Arunachal Pradesh government has inked an agreement with Andhra Pradesh-based Smart Village Movement (SVM) to facilitate technology innovations, research and development in selected villages of the north-eastern state. The man behind the Smart Village Movement, Solomon Darwin, will be the adviser to the project’s core team. The SVM’s open innovation approach will integrate technology and indigenous rural practices to generate sustainable revenue for constituents, and hence it will increase overall standard of living and quality of life.

The project will focus on solving “pain-points” or challenges in rural segments by developing platforms driven by “open innovation” approaches. The project would offer a digital platform, highlighting the challenges of the villages, which will be accessed by universities and research institutes across the globe for suggesting solutions. The solutions would be made available to corporate houses or start-ups, who would then offer a technology to solve the challenges.