Arunachal Pradesh Assembly passes bill to have two-tier Panchayati Raj

Arunachal Pradesh Assembly passed Panchayati Raj (Amendment) Bill 2018 to do away with the Anchal Samiti, the intermediate level of the three-tier panchayati raj system and set up a two-tier system in the state.
This is being done as per 73rd Amendment of Constitution that enables state having less than 20 lakh population not to have intermediate level and Arunachal has population of 13.84 lakh. Three-tier panchayati raj institutions were set up in state in 2003, 2008 and 2013, and elections for next five-year term were due in April-May 2018.

Key Facts

The purpose of setting up two-tier panchayati raj system in state is to standardis use of financial resources due to poor resource base. Moreover, it also seeks to avoid delay in passing plans and policies as they delayed at Anchal Samiti level (intermediate level).
In two-tier panchayati raj system, planning and execution of schemes will be faster as there will be direct connection between Gram Panchayats and Zilla Parishads, the village and district levels of panchayati raj system.
In two-tier system, even strength of elected members will be reduced, thus helping to save money for conducting polls and functional costs on Anchal Samities. The revenue saved can be utilised for developmental activities and strengthening panchayats.



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