Arani Silk Saree

The Arani Silk Saree is a high-quality ladies saree which is produced on a handloom. It has a good market demand worldwide.

Why is it in the news?

  • The Government of India is implementing a Handloom Marketing Assistance (HMA)scheme to provide marketing facility to several handloom products in India including the Arani Silk Saree.
  • The HMA is a component of National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP).
  • The HMA scheme aims to provide a market platform to all the handloom weavers/organizations who will then be able to sell their products directly to the consumers.
  • Some amount of financial assistance will also be provided to National Level Handloom Organisations and nominated handloom agencies of the State Governments. This assistance will be used to organize the marketing events like National Handloom Expos (NHEs), Special Handloom Expos (SHEs) and District Level Events (DLEs).

Addition Events for Silk Promotion

  • The Central Silk Board, via the Silk Mark Organisation of India, is organizing the Silk Mark Expo which will be held in the various towns and cities of India.
  • This will also include Chennai which is located near Arani.
  • The Silk Mark Expos will provide an excellent platform for the promotion of silk products from different silk clusters of India including the Arani cluster.
  • Till date, over 125 Silk Mark Expos have already been conducted in the country over the last decade.

What is not working for Arani Silk?

Currently, there is no proposal under consideration by the Government of India to establish a Silk Park in Arani. A dedicated silk park would better help promote the brand in India and abroad.



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